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Motivation – a blog post and podcast

June 1, 2018

I John 3:16,16 This is how we have come to know love: He laid down his life for us. We should also lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

We have come to know love because He laid it down for us. That is powerful stuff! Christ laid down His life for people who were living a life apart from a true relationship with Christ – like Saul the persecutor, who later became Paul the missionary, Zacchaeus the thieving tax collector, the paralytic lowered through the roof, the Gerasene demoniac…and Tony Watson, yes even me – and you too.

That’s amazing enough, but what struck me this time through the passage was thinking about the motivation. Why would Jesus, who had it all in Heaven, who knew he would be mistreated, spat upon, beaten and cursed…what was his motivation to do all of those things?

When you look up motivation on the trusty internet, it gives you all kinds of lists of things that motivate people. Things like money, rewards, desire to be the best, power, fame, recognition, achievement…It seems like the world defines motivation as somewhat self-serving. Was that Jesus’ motivation? He wasn’t seeking anything like that. There must be something else. So, what was Jesus’ motivation to lay down His life? In a word, it was love.

Love was the motivation? That’s it? That’s the message? I have love for a lot of people and things but not like that

So, Christ’s love must be special, and I was created to be in His image so I need to know what that love is like. Let’s look at some characteristics of Christ’s love.

It was submissive. Christ laid down His life to be obedient to His Father. He totally surrendered His will. His love was totally His own to give, but His motivation was anything but selfish.

It was sacrificial. Jesus literally gave up His body, emptied Himself to take our punishment – to be our substitute.

It was sin-destroying. Jesus took our greatest need and made it His mission to meet it. Sin stained us permanently until Jesus covered it with His blood.

Now that is love! THAT was Christ’s motivation – He loves us that much! He desires a relationship with us.

John 15:13, No one has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends.

There it is again! He desires to have relationship with us, to fellowship with us.

I hope you can say with me what Christ is in my life…

  • Jesus Christ is my one and only hope, my rock and my refuge, my shelter in the time of the storm. He’s the destroyer of my shame. He is my covering and my confidence. He’s my selfless redeemer, my strong tower, the source of all life, my light, my all in all. In times of trial or times of plenty, He’s my trusted friend, my healer and my victory. Christ is my defender and my stronghold. He’s my first and most true love. He is my joy and the well-spring of everything good in my life. Christ is my motivator and Christ is my motivation. I am motivated to be like Christ, for I am created in His image. I am motivated to thank Christ, and to reflect Christ. Christ. Is. My. Life.

Let’s pray… “Jesus, I want YOU to be my motivation. Your love has totally transformed my life and given me reason to live and to live differently. May my motivation be from You and have nothing to do with my own selfish goals and desires. Amen”

Tony Watson
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Palestine, TX


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  1. Carol Metteauer permalink

    Just what I needed this morning! Thank you Tony, and thank you, God!

    Sent from my iPad


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