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Sunday’s Coming – a Blog Post

March 30, 2018

As we take the journey through Passion Week, it must have been an emotional as well as grueling week for Jesus and His followers. Not only was it the week of the Passover, but things had been coming to a head for a while in regard to Jesus Christ. Let’s take a quick journey through the week…

  • Sunday – Triumphal Entry – Jesus made his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 and announcing His arrival as Messiah. Many were laying down palm branches and cloaks on the road before Him as he made His journey in.
  • Monday – Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple. There were those who saw Passover not as a worship experience, but as a time to make a profit. They would have “sacrifices” for sale, including those animals not fit for a proper sacrifice. Jesus came forth with righteous anger and overturned the tables, emphasizing that His Father’s House was to be a House of Prayer.
  • Tuesday – The Temple Debates – The religious leaders of the day began to question Jesus as to who He was and by what authority He did the things He did. He spoke in parables, in ways that were designed only for believers to truly understand.  He also quoted a number of Old Testament passages that were being fulfilled.
  • Wednesday – Judas’ betrayal – Wednesday was the day Judas made the deal to help hand Jesus over to the officials to be arrested. Ultimately, Judas could not deal with the guilt of his actions and took his own life.
  • Thursday – Passover Meal – Jesus gathered his disciples together in the upper room and had, what is now known as the Last Supper together. He broke the bread, telling them that this represented His body that was broken for them. He shared the cup, which represented His blood that was shed for the remission of sins. It was an intimate, as well as emotional, time together.

Soon after the supper came Jesus’ arrest, the various trials, and ultimately His crucifixion, all within the span of less than a day. For His followers, it must have seemed pretty bleak at times on that Friday morning.

There was no need to fear, however, because Sunday’s coming…

Tony Watson
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Palestine

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