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Resources – a Blog Post

January 12, 2018

Every day is a gift from God. That’s a phrase I’ve heard a number of times throughout my life and I recognize it as a true statement. How many times have I heard that statement and focused on the gift rather than the Giver. God owns it all, sees it all, gives it all, loves all, and all blessings come from His hand.

We’ve all been blessed with resources of time, talent and treasure every day. At times we feel there is not enough of any of those to meet the need, but God provides what is needed, and often in abundance, for us to fulfill His calling on our lives. In fact, our calling involves using the resources He has given us to build up the Kingdom of God, rather than build up our own kingdoms.

There is a story in Matthew 25 which illustrates that. Many times in the Gospels, Jesus taught in parables. Parables are stories which illustrate a truth and they were designed for only believers to understand.

The parable of the talents involves a master calling three of his servants together and giving them a sum of talents each. To one he gave five, to another, he gave 2 and to the third, he gave one. It is clear that there was an expectation that they were to do something with these in order to make more – invest, put into a business venture, or something similar.

After a period of time, he called the servants together and the news was mostly good. The first one doubled his talents, as did the second one. The third was more focused on self-preservation than obedience. He proclaimed that he was afraid of the master, that the reputation of the master was one of being a hard man and a thief (not a great way to endear yourself to your boss). He hid his talent and brought it back, totally unused and uninvested. It was still in the same condition it was when it was issued. The master was well pleased with the first two and furious with the third. He called the third “wicked and lazy”. The master had his talent taken from him and sentenced him to be “cast into the outer darkness”, where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. That is severe consequences for disobedience, but when the master gives a command, he has every expectation that it will be obeyed.

If “God owns it all”, and He does (Psalm 24:1), then He has every right to expect that we will use all resources He gives us to be obedient and build His Kingdom. “But I don’t have enough!” “I can’t afford to tithe”. “I don’t have enough time to serve the Lord more than I am”. “What could I possibly have to offer the Lord to build His Kingdom?” Those aren’t reasons, they are excuses, and not terribly different than the excuses that the third servant gave.

When God gives us resources, He gives them to us as a
1) Tool – a hammer, saw, screwdriver or a level are great sitting in your toolbox, but they are only fulfilling their purpose when they are used in creating or repairing something. God has called us to give our first and best of all He has given us. Otherwise, they are just tools in the toolbox.
2) Test – You could just as easily call this an opportunity. The results of a test are measured in effort as well as results. A teacher will be more frustrated with a student who doesn’t try rather than a student who tries and does not have great success. God is not grading us on our results, but He is calling us to obedience.
3) Testimony – I heard a story of a man recently who had a situation in his home which needed repair and he didn’t have the money available to do it. He prayed that God would provide and initiated the repair in faith. When he received his next check, it was for his anticipated amount, plus exactly the amount needed to cover the repair. A testimony of faithfulness!

The question for me, and perhaps you is…”How much of my life is spent taking the resources God has provided, or will provide, and making my life better, versus how much of those resources I’m using to give back to Him and invest in His Kingdom?” Does God want me to enjoy what He has provided? Absolutely! But I also have to continually remember that this life is not about me, it’s about Him. We are the beloved servants of the Master.

Tony Watson
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Palestine, TX

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