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What the Holy Spirit Provided

December 22, 2017

This morning, I was meeting with a group of pastors that I meet with weekly for a little fellowship, a bit of the Word, and some prayer. It’s always a refreshing time as well as a time that God uses to stir up some things in me. Today, one of the brothers was discussing Luke 2:7, “and she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place (room) for them in the inn.”

The thought behind this was, there was no room for the Messiah, no room for the King of Kings, no room for Jesus, no room for the Savior to be born. The challenge went from there to my own heart, thinking about allowing Christ the “room” to have His rightful place in my life, even at Christmas time. Am I allowing the Holy Spirit “room” to be first and foremost as I run errands, as I shop, as I have family gatherings for Christmas?

Joseph and Mary certainly had more pressing things going on than I do in my life, and they allowed the Holy Spirit room to work. They were concerned about their integrity in their community, the safety of having to transport a very pregnant young lady, through primitive means with no medical care along the way, to Bethlehem, with no assurance of lodging once they got there (we all know how that worked out). Yet, they gave the Holy Spirit “room” to work and He provided for all of their needs. The Holy Spirit provided…

Assurance – even when they were unsure of their calling, concerned with the details, awed by God’s choice, and unsure of the next step, God sent the Holy Spirit to speak through angels to give them assurance that they were in God’s hands.

Path – The Holy Spirit directed their path. They certainly would not have ordered it up to have to make this trek to Bethlehem at this stage of Mary’s pregnancy, and certainly not to have the birth happen in a horse stable, but it was part of God’s perfect plan. A humble birth, directed by the Holy Spirit, glory all around, lowly shepherds being among the first to hear the news…yeah, this is the path God chose all along and the Holy Spirit directed the journey.

Timing – Caesar Augustus just HAPPENED to declare a census at this time, which just HAPPENED to have Mary give birth in Joseph’s town of origin (Bethlehem), which just HAPPENED to be the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, which had the Messiah being born in the City of David . . . Just HAPPENED…or Holy Spirit directed?

Fulfillment – Much Old Testament prophecy comes to fulfillment in this account of the birth of Jesus. Though not everyone, or even close, recognized it as such at the time, the Holy Spirit had it firmly in hand and circumstances would bear that out as time would go on.

Room – The Holy Spirit provided a room for the Christ child to be born. It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t the most sanitary of settings, nor was it what anybody would say would befit the birth of a King…but it was perfect. It brings the entire story together in a way that reminds us that the King of Kings didn’t just come for the religious elite – He came for everyone, from the lowliest to the most exalted. The Holy Spirit provided the perfect room.

My response is…I need to make sure I’m providing the Holy Spirit enough room to work in and through my life, even at Christmas. As I lead my family, as I minister to my church family, as I encounter those who don’t have the assurance that I have…I need to allow the Holy Spirit to work.

I challenge you – is there an area that you’ve been holding back on because you’ve been hurt? Have you closed yourself off because you feel the mistakes you have made are not worthy of God’s forgiveness, much less to restore a relationship? Are you realizing you need to put Jesus more at the center of your home but don’t know how to make that happen? Give the Holy Spirit room to work – He will take care of the rest. Our job is simply to obey – the circumstances are up to Him.


Tony Watson
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Palestine, TX

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