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What God Provided

December 17, 2017

Twenty-six years ago I became a father for the first time. I was young, felt inadequate and unprepared, but yet I felt an incredible love. Sometimes I would hold my daughter and say “can I DO this?”, knowing full well that it was too late to ask that question. It did help my prayer life to grow LOL!

I think in the area of fatherhood, and being the leader of a family, the area where I had to grow most in practice and in understanding was as a provider. Provider has a financial element to it, to be sure, but it is much more than that. Provider refers to security, emotional needs, spiritual needs as well as physical. I realized quickly that if I would grow in my daily walk with the Lord, I could count on Him to help me with the rest.

There are a couple of fathers in the birth of Jesus story that must have had similar concerns. Zechariah had prayed for years for a child, a son, but his wife Elizabeth was barren. When the angel revealed to him that their prayer would come true and this son would be something more than they could have dreamed, Zechariah felt so unworthy that he doubted it. God struck him mute until he believed.

Joseph was put in a precarious position. He was told his soon-to-be wife was pregnant with a child that wasn’t his, that the child was fathered by the Holy Spirit, and oh, by the way, He would be the Messiah. Talk about a large pill to swallow! I’m sure Joseph felt the pressure as a simple carpenter to be all that he needed to be to be father to Jesus.

In both cases, God provided all they needed to fulfill the call He put on their lives. In the same way, God equips each of us to fulfill the call He has put on our lives. He’s called us first to salvation, then to our families and responsibilities and relationships. He will not allow anything in our path that He will not equip us to deal with.

Look at the things God provided in Zechariah’s example – Luke 1:67-69

67 Then his father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied:

68 Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel,
because he has visited
and provided redemption for his people.
69 He has raised up a horn of salvation for us
in the house of his servant David,

  1. God provided the infilling of the Holy Spirit (V67) – the Holy Spirit directs, guides, and comforts
  2. God provided the prophecy or promise (V67) – God told Zechariah what was about to happen. He didn’t give him all of the details, but gave him enough that he would have to trust God for the rest.
  3. God provided His presence (V68) – He “visited” – Zechariah’s doubt came because he put more trust in the works he could see than in the Word he heard. Trust the Word!
  4. God provided redemption (V68) – The Messiah had been promised and prayed for, for ages. Zechariah’s son, John the Baptist, would be key in preparing the people for Christ. God not only provided the path to redemption, He provided the payment.
  5. God provided salvation (v69) – the Scripture calls Him the “horn of salvation”, with the horn referring to strength. Without this horn of salvation, we are lost, desperate, hopeless, aimless, the list goes on… Thank GOD that He has provided salvation!

“God, let me never get over the fact that You called me to salvation”. Our Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider, God provides EVERYTHING we need. Trust His Word.


Tony Watson
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Palestine, TX

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